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limpwrist_mafia's Journal

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All Members , Moderated
the limpwrist mafia community is a place to discuss fashion, music,movies, hot boys, hot girls, knife fights, and pretty much anything.

to join, all you really have to do is click "join" and fill out this short little survey thang. we're not gonna vote to accept you or anything silly like that.
we're not here to bitch and put you down.
the limpwrist mafia loves everyone.

1. name
2. five bands you like
3. describe the outfit you're currently wearing
4. hobbies/interests
5. tell us a joke
6. how did you find the community?

give us your thoughts on:
homosexuality -
animal rights-
and most importantly
knife fighting -

and feel free to post as many pictures as you'd like. if there are a lot, please use a cut.

so after you fill out that survery, your in.
feel free to post whatever you want about whatever you want, with whatever pictures you want.
a perfect circle, adam green, adriannas letter(haha), afi, after school knife fight, against me!, an albatross, appleseed cast, at the drive in, bad religion, bauhaus, being a nerd, being cute, black cat #13, blood brothers, bright calm blue, bright eyes, built to spill, children of bodom, city of caterpillar, city of caterpiller, constantines, crimson curse, cursive, david lynch, death by stereo, death cab for cutie, depeche mode, desaparecidos, disneyland, doodling, ebay shopping, emo, emperor, etc., family guy, fashion, foo fighters, gaming, genesis, getting scenepoints, girls in eyeliner, grind, guitars, guys in eyeliner, hardcore, horse the band, hot boys, hot cross, hot girls, hot piercings, hot water music, iced earth, indian summer, indie, jffb, jiyuna, johnny depp, joshua fit for battle, joy division, keyboard, lip rings, make up, mars volta, mayhem, melt banana, messageboards, milemarker, minor threat, modest mouse, mogwai, montcalm, music, new order, not rating communities, orchid, pet shop boys, pig destroyer, pirates of the caribbean, power violence, queen, qvc, radiohead, rhapsody, rilo kiley, saetia, screamo, smashing pumpkins, songs: ohia, stratovarius, swing kids, ted leo, ten grand, the blood brothers, the cure, the faint, the flaming lips, the hated, the locust, the make up, the moldy peaches, the pine, the postal service, the red light sting, the shins, the smiths, the spotlight syndicate, the warriors, these arms are snakes, this computer kills, three one g, thursday, tight pants, tool, unbroken, webdesign, whoring, your mom