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1. name zakXattack!
2. five bands you like
-xLimp Wristx
-Mindless Self Indulgence
-An Albatross
-Mass Movement of the Moth
3. describe the outfit you're currently wearing
A white david bowie 1986 glass spider tour shirt that I began to resize and lost motivation half way through, so one side is sewn, the other temporarily saftey pinned and these disgusting old jeans. Oh, and my rat is hanging out on my shoulders.
4. hobbies/interests Bikes, Climing Trees, Reading, Situationist Art, falling in love and smashing the state, etc.
5. tell us a joke WHAT DID THE COMMUNIST CAT SAY? Mao-w
6. how did you find the community? Someone's profile.

give us your thoughts on:
homosexuality - Queer, radical, and violent.
animal rights- Vegan, radical, and violent.
and most importantly
knife fighting -
Armed, radical, and violent.
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