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1. name=maggie or mags
2. five bands you like
-glassjaw (rip)
-saves the day
-swing kids
-limp wrist
3. describe the outfit you're currently wearing=psh it's 1 in the morning, i'm in pj's which are sweatpants and an old backstreet boy shirt
4. hobbies/interests=playing with my kitty,reading,making clothes
5. tell us a joke= okay, this joke shows how cheap my sense of humor is...where do sheep get their haircut? at the baa baa shop! aha!
6. how did you find the community?i was looking through knife fights or something...and i found this...but i dunno if it has anything to do with the band limp wrist but this seems like a cool community because it's not a gay rating one

give us your thoughts on:
homosexuality - awesome...who cares what peoples sexual preference is??
animal not a vegetarian or anything, but i wouldnt wear fur...sweatshops bother me more into human liberation if anything..
and most importantly
knife fighting - i'd be too much of a pansy to do that.

and feel free to post as many pictures as you'd like= my mom has a camera phone only...she'd kill me if she found out that i sent a picture to my e-mail.
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