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Survey =)

1. name - Eric
2. five bands you like - At The Drive-In, The Mars Volta, The Stills, Interpol, Sparta
3. describe the outfit you're currently wearing - Ok, I have an At The Drive-In shirt on with some Polo Jeans.
4. hobbies/interests - Basically all I really do is listen to music. All the time... Oh yeah I LOVE mountain biking and riding long distances.
5. tell us a joke - No.
6. how did you find the community? Searching for an interest... (I forget which one) and the name caught my attention.

give us your thoughts on:
homosexuality - I am
animal rights - I love animals, and I hate how some people think that they're just disposeable, and can test on them and all those bad things...
and most importantly
knife fighting - I don't really have and opinion. But... I do have gun wars at the library
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